The Sherpa Cultural Development Board came into existence on 3rd September, 2015. It has been formed for the broad purpose 'to protect, promote and safeguard the Sherpa language, tradition and culture', 'to undertake activities for the overall development of the Sherpa Community' and anything incidental and conducive for the attainment.

The intention of the Government therefore is clearly to bring about positive change and contribute to the upliftment of the Community and has outlined a modest role for the Board. The Board has conceived and prepared several schemes and projects in furtherance of its objectives. Despite the hardship faced due to the terrain and inaccessibility of the locations the Board is striving hard to achieve social, cultural and educational upliftment of the Sherpa. Shri Nima Wangdi Sherpa is the Chairman of the Board which is a registered Society under the Administrative control of the Tribal Development.

The West Bengal Sherpa Cultural Board registration number under Certification of Registration of societies West Bengal Act XXVI 1961 NO. S/M/2452 of 2015-16. (View Certificate)

West Bengal Sherpa Cultural Board (W.B.S.C.B)main Aim and Objectives is to Preserve and protect the Sherpa Language, Tradition, Culture and over all development of the Community in WEST Bengal.