Sherwi Khangba Project

The Government in the Department of Backward Classes Welfare has decided to implement a Housing Scheme in the District of Darjeeling for the indigent, homeless, from the Economically weaker sections of peoples (EWS) belonging to the Sherpa community who have no pucca houses. The dwelling units shall be in the name of the lady of the house. The name of the unit under the state funding will be known as "Shewri Khangba" in other words Sherpa house. The scheme is akin to the existing "Geetanjali" of the Government. It takes into consideration the aspects of constructions in remote, inaccessible and difficult terrain peculiar to the hilly regions of the State. The scheme shall be applicable to beneficiaries from rural and semi-urban areas of the District of Darjeeling. After careful consideration the following guidelines of the Scheme has been framed

1. Eligibility Criteria:

The beneficiary shall be selected from amongst the

a) Destitute and poor Sherpa living in the hilly areas of the District of Darjeeling.

b) Destitute and poor Sherpa affected by natural calamities/landslides or living in disaster prone areas.

2. Income Criteria:

a) All persons having annual income of Rs. 2.5 lakhs or less shall be eligible to come under the scheme. However, BPL group of people will be given priority.

3. Provision of Land for construction of House:

The Scheme will be implemented on the land of the beneficiary on her own/family holding or patta land that will be free from all encumbrances. Where the land is not available the house may be constructed on the land to be provided by the Implementing Agency.

4. The Cost of Dwelling Unit:

The cost of a Dwelling unit shall be Rs. 2, 00,000 for the hilly areas of Darjeeling that will include a sanitary latrine. The carpet area of the Pucca dwelling Unit shall not be less than 25 sq.m which can vary according to certain local locations.

5. Mode of Payment to beneficiaries:

The principal beneficiary shall be the lady of the household. The scheme will be fully subsidized by the Govt. of West Bengal. The Unit so constructed shall be non-transferable in nature. The fund shall be placed directly to the Savings Bank Account of the lady beneficiary from time to time depending on the progress of construction.

There shall be provision for modification or revision of the scheme depending upon the actual local conditions. It shall be desirable to adopt sustainable and environment friendly material and technology in the construction.

6. Implementing Agency:

The Scheme shall be implemented by the West Bengal Sherpa Development Board

7. Selection of Beneficiaries:

The beneficiaries belonging to the categories mentioned in the Para 1 and 2 shall be selected by a Committee constituted by the West Bengal Sherpa Development Board .

8. Monitoring of the Scheme:

A monitoring committee shall be formed by the West Bengal Sherpa Development Board " that shall have the power to oversee and supervise the timely implementation of the scheme.

9. Allotment of the Fund:

The fund will be allotted by the Backward Classes Welfare Department to the implementing authority i.e. West Bengal Sherpa Development Board which shall be responsible for submission of the list of beneficiaries, timely progress reports and Utilization Certificate.

10. Utilization Certificate:

The West Bengal Sherpa Development Board shall submit Utilization Certificates to the Backward Classes Welfare Department from time to time on the fund released for the purpose. The " West Bengal Sherpa Development Board " shall also furnish a completion Certificate on the completion of the implementation of the scheme of the Backward Classes Welfare Department.

11. Modification and Alteration of the scheme:

The Backward Classes Welfare Department can make such alterations, modifications or intervention at any stage as deemed necessary.